Wood Staining, “Antiquing” (Distressing)

A popular design style and decorative art form, Antiquing or “aging” is the faux painting technique used to simulate an antique appearance, natural aging and wear and tear with the use of paint glazes, crackle glazes, bees wax, paper, hammers, sandpaper, or chains to distress and weather an object, furniture or wall. This antiquing faux finish can be used on furniture, built-in cabinets, walls, floors, and accessories. The artisan attempts a rustic, attractive, one-of-a-kind appearance or vintage look. The final appearance is often called the patina. Distressing can be applied to a variety of surfaces and materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic, stone, concrete, plaster, and paint. The Shabby chic style has made both distressing and antiquing popular.

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